Important Documents

The Notify MBSE App has been created to allow registered users of the app to provide feedback on equipment and a range of associated topics.

The links below relate to information about the Terms of Service plus other documentation which regulates the use of the Notify MBSE application.

These documents are regularly updated to reflect changes and updates made to the app. When new versions of any of these documents are published, they will be accompanied by the date of publication. Please note that the document updated document becomes valid from the date of publication.

Please read, print and save a copy of these documents for your records, MBS Equipment Ltd will not save a copy for you.

Terms of Service
MBS-App-Terms-of-Use-Final-v3.1_2024_website.pdf (
updated on 30.01.2024

Privacy Notice
MBSE-UK-Notify-Me-App-Privacy-Notice_March_2023.pdf (
updated on 03.03.2023

Open-Source Components
Open-Source-Components.pdf (
updated on 03.03.2023

User Guide
version V 3.3.6
updated on 20.05.2024

Video Guide
Notify App – Video Tutorial (v.3.5) on Vimeo
updated on 28.06.2023

How to request account deletion
Account-deletion-page_web.pdf (
updated on 30.01.2024